Terry Tucker

MSDT, Service Tech, EFR Instructor, Diving since 2001

       I “Dove into diving” about 7 years ago, being a Durango native I always longed for the salt water I had never been to.  I spent most of my summers at any body of water Durango had to offer (Navajo, Molas, McFee, and so on).  I became an Instructor because it kept me diving and I love to see the look on the face of a new diver, the first time they experience the three dimensional world of  diving.                                                 

Favorite Dive Location— Any body of water that most people shutter at, My Thought is the deeper, the darker, the colder, the better. I love to push my limits. What the heck, GO DEEP OR GO HOME!!!!!!!

Kim Tucker

 Owner, MSDT, Diving since 2005

I started diving when I met my husband.  He jokes that it was a criteria for us to be in a relationship.  I don’t think it was a joke, but luckily I loved it.  It was a whole new world that I never dreamed I would be exploring.  I love the fact that as soon as you go under the water every day life just disappears.  I enjoyed it so much that my husband and I bought the dive shop.  I never would have guessed this is what I would have been doing as a career, but I found my niche where I can do everything I ever wanted to do; teach, work with kids, sign language and travel.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect career.

 Favorite Dive Location – What type of diving do you want…walls, sharks, micro, currents, adventure….Let me know and I will give you my favorite.

Mark Oliger

 IDC Staff Instructor, Diving since 2000

 I enjoy the relaxing aspects of tropical diving and tropical climates.  I also like the challenges of technical diving and pushing my limits with decompression diving and using alternative breathing gases.  Whether it’s a warm water coral reef in Bonaire or a cold and dark drysuit dive in a mountain lake, I feel equally comfortable and I enjoy both extremes and everything in between.

 Favorite Dive Location – Caribbean, Pacific & Technical sites.  The tropical destinations put my mind at ease.  The technical dives give me a challenge.

Allisa Oliger

IDC Staff, Diving since 2002

 “Diving has become a passion in my life – I feel blessed to have discovered it.  Breathing underwater is the most amazing experience.   Being able to move around the underwater world in all directions instead of being stuck on the ground is one of my favorite aspects to diving.  Becoming a dive instructor has brought me the additional thrill of seeing new divers experience the underwater world.  My favorite type of diving would have to be warm tropical water with lots of fish and other creatures.  I like the feeling that I am swimming around in my own private aquarium.”

 Favorite thing about diving – No cell phones! (Ha Ha)  It’s peaceful magical, weightless, usually beautiful

 Favorite Dive Destination – Fiji, Cozumel and Bonaire

Why – Fiji – Diversity and beauty underwater as well as topside overall experience, Cozumel – Great Diving, easy to get to,             Bonaire – Beautiful diving and freedom to dive when and where you want.

Barry Mason

IDC Staff Instructor, Diving since 1977

 I am a 4th generation Durangoan, that developed an enthusiasm for being underwater at an early age.  At the age of 14/15, I was employed to clean the deep end of the Durango Swimming Pool using mask and surface supplied air.  This led to a lifetime of Scuba enjoyment and world travel.  I have dove with whale sharks in Belize, the whales off Maui, the hammerheads of Galapagos and the Mantas of Fiji.  Hopefully this is just the start of many more dive adventures.

 Favorite Thing about Diving – I enjoy the warm, clear waters of planet earth.  The worlds reef systems and fishes are exciting to explore.

 Favorite Dive Destination – Cozumel & Palau

 Why – Been to Cozumel over 15 times and continue to go at least once a year.  For a close and affordable dive vacation Cozumel and the Mayan Riviera can’t be beat.

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