Splash Down’s Travel Adventures

Warm Clear Water – Blue Skies – Sandy Beaches – Rustling Palms – Teeming Reefs– Good Fellowship – Relaxing & Rejuvenating


Scuba Diving and Travel Adventures are a perfect marriage.  Every few months, Splash Down conducts an adventure to some of the world’s great diving destinations. From drift diving Cozumel, to dolphin encounters in Hondorus, from family dive adventures in Hawaii, to exploring the incredible diversity of Palau in the far western Pacific, Splash Down conducts extraordinary diving vacations that will be of interest to all divers.


All of our destinations are carefully chosen after extensive research.  Splash Down then negotiates a group rate, which typically makes prices very attractive.  Finally, all of our trips are guided by a Splash Down instructor to assure that your experience is the best possible.


Splash Down also assists divers with their independent trips, since we have extensive contacts with dive travel professionals.  Feel free to call and we’ll help you coordinate your own dive adventure.


We are always coming up with new ideas, so check back with us from time to time and see where we are heading to next, you are always welcome to join!


Click the links to view some of our past adventures and upcoming adventures!

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117 E 32nd Street Durango , Colorado 81301

117 E 32nd Street
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