Introduction to Scuba

Curious about scuba diving? Not sure if you will like it? Not old enough to do the certification.  We have a course for you –  Why not give it a try in a highly supervised and relaxed manner.

Bubblemakers – Age 8-10

The PADI Bubblemakers program introduces scuba as an activity that allows children to experience the underwater world.

Under close supervision, participants swim around on scuba in shallow, confined water – just playing.

Discover Scuba – Age 10+

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed manner. It dispels common misconceptions about scuba by letting individuals try if for themselves.

Under the guidance of a PADI professional, new divers learn basic safety concepts, put on equipment and swim around underwater in a closely supervised environment.



Splashdown Diving

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Durango, Colorado 81301


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117 E 32nd Street Durango , Colorado 81301

117 E 32nd Street
Durango , Colorado 81301